Hay Day Farm Review:

Hello and welcome back its Red knight here and it’s time for a Hay day farm review. I love this farm that I’m about to look at, this is Frank who is a kid. I’ll now zoom out and show you, just look at those pieces now, all these past pieces came with the ditches in the last update. I love the way that this person has blended these paths with the regular pass. It looks really good and in no way does this Hay Day farm look cluttered at all because it’s nicely broken up. Everything is in planes and set up really well and I do love what I’m seeing. Just look at the way he’s used to hedge rows, the way he’s used issues to trim the bushes and the decoration and everything just goes together. The machines are spread out; they are all in different locations. It’s great and I am impressed with it. I feel that I could be walking around this farm of Hay Day and enjoy everything. In whatever direction I’d look I feel that my eyes will be pleasured, my brain sensors will be enjoying everything. Just look at the way he’s got the water, that’s a fantastic way of splitting up the fall into two key pieces and it really looks beautiful.

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I love the way that he changed the direction of the water. He’s got animals, just to the back there and again they are split up by bush. He’s got this nice border of trees lining around the back around the whole farm, it really look great. Take a good look at this place; this has to be one of my favorite views. I’ve seen it after a long time, he’s got irrigation system just down the side which allows water to nice little crop area, and it’s lit up by the pathways so I can imagine on this Hay day farm even the workers coming down here for harvesting crops. Let’s have a look at the town, is he going to carry over this design into this area. He has this, so my eyes are just feasting this imagery now. You have done a wonderful job here and there’s a lot here that I feel that I could copy or would recommend other people. Nothing looks cluttered everything looks really well balanced and it looks like a lot of creativity has gone into the layout of this town. Basically the way it’s been set up you feels that the two are contrasting each other very nicely. This user is at advance level so you will higher level to unlock most of this stuff. If you don’t have any of this, just use diamonds. Use this hay day diamonds generator to get lots of free hay day diamonds.


How you come down to the beach it’s very simplistic but you could actually enjoy coming to this beach relaxing, having a little picnic with your family playing in the water build cost later back into the town shops and other things that offer here if you lived in this far. I think you would love being in this location. 223 people like this far as well and I’m going to make 224, I love this Hay Day farm so much. I’m even going to fill some crates for you because I happen to be in the neighborhood and you are in need of some help. I’m so glad that I got to leave some stuff there like other people. I like even the harp in the center of the farm, everything goes really well and I do recommend this place now. Keep visiting my blog for more Hay day farm reviews.

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